My Students Say It Best!

“I’m so grateful to all of my students who have shared their thoughts on the quality of my firearms training I provide in the Charleston, SC area. I sincerely hope these reviews will help other women know that learning with me is a positive, encouraging and FUN experience”. -Kandy

Happy Student
Learning With Gray Lady Self Defense is FUN!

Loved Kandy and Her Instruction! 

I truly enjoyed my self defense shooting training with Kandy! I was afraid to handle my gun – let alone load it and shoot it! I signed up for the basic training to see if it would help me build my confidence. Y’all! It was fun, informative, interesting, and I can’t wait to continue my training!!! Loved Kandy and her instruction! Please give her a try. You will not be disappointed!! 

Marie H.

Basic Firearms Training For Women 

Truly A Phenomenal Experience

Kandy was wonderful! She took so much time educating us and our kids. She answered our questions, took her time and was so patient, truly a phenomenal experience!

Thank you!


Family Gun Safety & Awareness

Kandy Has Been An Exceptional Teacher… Now I Feel More Confident [And] Learn More Each Class I attend

Kandy has been a exceptional teacher of gun safety, how to use a gun and when I had never shot a gun before and was scared but now I feel more confident each class I go to. I have learned so much about gun safety and I have enjoyed every class that she has taught and learn more each class I attend. I am always telling my friends about her classes and the knowledge that I have learned. I can never thank her enough for what I have learned.

Benita K.

Kandy is a great teacher… I very highly recommend!

I took the basic firearms safety training over the winter and I’m recommending it to everyone I know who is interested in learning how to safely and confidently handle a firearm. Safe handling is very important to me, and it’s also clearly very important to Kandy. I felt fully confident throughout both the classroom and range trainings that Kandy was well aware of everything going on and in control.

Kandy is a great teacher — her communication style is clear and concrete, so it’s easy to follow, even if you’re brand-new to shooting and are taking in a lot of new information at once. She also does a great job of connecting all of the dots, so you walk away feeling like you have a good sense of how to make use of the training you just received. She’s patient, as well, so there’s never a sense that asking a question is somehow an imposition (or that your question is a stupid one). I very highly recommend!

Brianna M.

Basic Firearms Training For Women

 Her Teaching Style Will Help You Reach Your Self-defense Goals

Kandy is patient, very knowledgeable, and I do believe she can teach anyone! Her teaching style will help you reach your self defense goals. She teaches focus and helps you set personal goals. Kandy goes out of her way to assist you in areas you need help with, often offering her own extra time so you can learn at your pace. She understands that everyone learns differently and takes the time with all her students to make sure they get all they can from her classes. Her ‘Chunky Monkey class’ [Intermediate Pistol Skills For Women] is essential for every beginner. Having all female classes helps the ladies feel at ease and more comfortable!

Cindy R.
firearms training charleston sc

She Made Me Feel At Ease And Is An Excellent Teacher

Took my second class with Ms. Kandy and I can only say that for something that intimidated me, she made me feel at ease and is an excellent teacher. Very thorough thought out lesson plans as well as the hands on instruction and demonstrations were above average as well. It was an awesome experience. I would highly recommend taking any of the courses she offers.

Robyn S.
Basic Firearms Training For Women
Intermediate Pistol Skills For Women

I Felt So Much More Confident Out On the Range

Thank you so much Kandy! I felt so much more confident out on the range today because of you! Thank you thank you thank you. Fantastic class. Amazing teacher. I can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait to come back for the next class!!

Missi Brown

firearms training charleston sc

Her... Instruction... Made Everything Feel so Easy

This course was exactly what I was looking for and more! I did not have much experience with guns and was a little nervous about shooting for (nearly) the first time. Kandy was very professional and thorough in the classroom portion of the course. She is so passionate about self defense, that her excitement was contagious. Her feedback and instruction were so helpful during the live fire portion that it made everything feel so easy. Overall, it was much more fun than I ever anticipated and I am excited to continue learning!

Marielle M.
Basic Firearms Training For Women

Help[ed] My Confidence [With] Protecting Myself

My first private lesson- Kandy has a great teaching style.  We reviewed the safety rules; she gave clear concise instruction of every drill. The drills were perfect for my skill/comfort level and at the end pushed me a little out of my comfort zone using the timer. She wanted to know my goals, gave praise and suggestions w/tips that come with a teacher who really puts in the time to learn and then can transfer that to students/clients. Now to practice so I am ready for next lesson. Thank you so much, that helps my confidence w/protecting myself and maybe moving to other shooting experiences!! 


Excellent Instruction and Teaching

Excellent instruction and teaching of basic handgun skills. Kandy is patient and experienced in training proper gun handling techniques and the reasoning behind each step. Classes consist of gun safety rules, terminology, positioning and practice. With her empowering and thorough manner, Kandy has helped me tremendously to become very interested in developing my skills. I have already signed on for her next session!
Marianna Flynn


[Kandy] Is A Phenomenal Teacher

The basic firearms class taught by Kandy has allowed me to have more confidence handling a firearm which no one else has ever been able to do! She is a phenomenal teacher that puts everyone at ease. The classroom portion provides all the information needed to safely handle and shoot a firearm and the range time provides hands on experience firing a pistol in a very safe and non-threatening environment. I’m looking forward to more classes with Kandy!
Nancy P.


[Kandy] Is a Natural Teacher!

I’m so happy that I found Kandy… She is a natural teacher and is so knowledgeable about firearms. I’m thrilled to have the chance to take her classes. I learned so much in my first class with her today and I walked out of the range feeling good about my shooting. She helped me with my grip, my stance, my breathing and is teaching me to relax and pull the trigger “oh so slowly” for a better shot. She is a natural teacher and makes you feel good about what you are doing. I can’t wait to sign up for the next class.
Pamela Bell



[Kandy] Has A Unique Gift Of Making Me Feel At Ease

My personal experience with firearms is that I had none. I am terrified of them, but for my own reasons, I decided it would be wise to own one. I took several gun safety classes and attended a few group training sessions. Each time, I felt overwhelming panic and I cried at the thought of shooting one myself. The only time I didn’t feel like a complete idiot was while talking with one of the women at a group session. It was Kandy – she was warm, kind, patient, and truly understood my fear. After the last group session, it took me several months to decide I would try again. I remembered Kandy, found her website, and asked her to work with me. In our first session, she reiterated safety principals, showed me how to hold and handle a firearm, and we just talked. She has a unique gift of making me feel at ease – with her and with a firearm. Near the end, I shot – and although I don’t enjoy it – I also didn’t freeze. For me, it was a huge step. Afterwards, she followed up with me with more information on things we talked about. She continually impresses me, and I look forward to working with her again. For women that have the same fear as I do, my message to you is that Kandy may be the answer in overcoming it.


firearms training charleston sc

I Am Benefiting Tremendously From Regular Private Instruction With Kandy

As a new gun owner, I am benefiting tremendously from regular private instruction with Kandy. Not only do we practice shooting on the range, we discuss self defense, preparation in the event of an intruder in my home or an attack and all aspects of gun safety. With each class, I become more comfortable, assured and competent. Kandy has a keen eye for observing the subtleties of my grip and is able to correct me by explaining things in a way that I can understand and appreciate. She takes videos of my shooting and we watch them and analyze them together. I highly recommend Kandy as an instructor. She is the BEST!

If you have read this far you can see why many women found that my teaching style, quality of training and commitment to women was why my Basic Firearms Training For Women class was their best choice to advance from novice to responsible, safe and effective gun owners. This class is also the perfect preparation for completing the SC Concealed Weapons Permit firearms qualification. CWP classes do not teach you how to shoot!

My Intermediate Pistol Skills For Women has also received rave reviews in taking women with experience in the fundamentals and safe firearms handling to their next level. Want to get serious about achieving an efficient draw and accurate first shots with your concealed firearm? This course does that. In the classroom you will perfect your draw and marksmanship using the laser-based Smokeless Range. Then on the live-fire range under my instruction you’ll practice those skills. You will also get an introduction to the various holster systems (belly band, Enigma, purses, etc.) available to women. See Intermediate Pistol Skills For Women for more info.

As seen in the above reviews my Personalized Private Training is a perfect choice if you desire an individual and personal training experience. 

Please contact me if you have any questions. Class schedules are at the bottom of each class page.