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“I’m so grateful for my friends, students and TWAW friends sharing their thoughts and reviews on the quality of firearms training I provide. I sincerely hope these reviews will help you choose to train with me.”-Kandy

NOTE: If you are new here you may wonder why some of the reviews shown here do not show the reviewer’s full name. There are a few very valid reasons for that including:
    • Some of my students are VERY security or online-identity conscious and I FULLY respect that. Some even choose to have NO social media presence at all.
    • I teach domestic violence victims, stalker victims, etc. Unfortunately some women must ‘stay under the radar’ from stalkers, violent ex-partners, etc.
    • Others do not want to be publicly associated with anything firearms-related due to politics, work environment, family or social stigma, etc. That’s a real thing.
The above is also why you do not see many reviews on social media and elsewhere. So, while I allow these brave ladies to ‘anonymize’ their testimonials here you can be assured that EVERY one of these ARE valid, honest and unedited reviews!

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