Master Your Firearms Skills!

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women's pistol training
Is “Beyond The Basics” Right For Me? 

Yes, if you are ready to advance your skills beyond basic safety and shooting fundamentals. This women’s pistol training will help you take the next steps to hone your skills in marksmanship, safe gun handling, how to practice on and off the range, and safe and effective use of a holster. Master your grip, draw, trigger control and fast sight acquisition! 

A Gun Class For Women That Works!

I developed and delivered this handgun training to many women in the Summerville and Charleston area over the last 6 years. It works for WOMEN! It’s proven that women learn differently than men. Ladies, at Gray Lady Self Defense you will experience a learning environment designed for how YOU learn, and have fun! 

Perishable Skills – Proven Methods To Maintain Proficiency

Because all skills are perishable if not practiced, you will learn some proven practice methods to take your self defense and pistol handling skills to the next level. You will learn simple dry fire techniques for use at home to improve your skills to a level that allows you to perform under pressure. We then go to a private outdoor range to practice your skills using live fire. 

We also cover various concealed carry options for women such as holsters, corsets, belly-bands and purse carry. See more below.

See testimonials from women just like you. 

Why Do I Need This Class If I Already Have a SC CWP?
      • Are you confident in your marksmanship skills?
      • Have you mastered consistently accurate first shots?
      • Are you proficient in your draw and holster skills?
      • Can you draw from concealment and shoot accurately within 2-4 seconds?
      • Are you comfortable with your concealed carry method?

      If your answer is no to any of the above this class is for you!

    • If you are ready to become a proficient concealed carrier this course is for you!

    • If your CWP class was your only “training” (it’s not training) you need this class.

NOTE: This is NOT a basic pistol class.


  1. Preferably my Basic Firearms Training For Women Class, Or
  2. Completed the NRA Basic Pistol Training course or equivalent, including the shooting qualification, Or
  3. You consider your gun handling skills to be beyond a ‘beginner’ and can demonstrate the four safety rules.

Even if you’ve been shooting for years, there’s always something new to learn.

If your goal is to receive a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) the skills learned in this gun class will prepare you to complete the state’s firearms qualification phase. Many don’t know that the state class is NOT training. Yes, you become familiar with SC laws regarding carry and use of firearms, but it will NOT teach you firearms handling skills or how to shoot. The shooting portion of the SC course is ‘qualification‘, not training. PLEASE, do not show up at a CWP class having never fired your gun or drawn from a holster. If you do you may fail the firearms qualification!

IMPORTANT – even if your goal is not to obtain a carry permit this pistol training will seriously improve your gun handling skills, accuracy and defensive mindset to defend yourself and loved ones.

This women’s pistol training is a 6-7 hour class.  It is taught in one 3 hour weeknight classroom session. The live fire training takes place on the following Saturday with a 3-4 hour session. 

If you are serious about improving your skills, this women’s firearms training is for YOU! More importantly, you will enjoy (yes, we have fun too) a firearm training environment actually designed for women.

We start with using our laser training systems to practice and measure performance of critical skills, without the stress of live fire. This system is a very effective teaching and pistol training tool! Many women have progressed to firearms proficiency starting with this method.

Ladies, no one in the greater Charleston, SC metro area offers this level of pistol training specifically designed for how women learn. I know how to give you the confidence, skills and learning environment you need to handle a gun and shoot it safely and accurately.  See here for more info about how Gray Lady Self Defense training is designed for women.

See the many reviews here from other women just like you!

BEYOND THE BASICS: Achieve Proficiency & Confidence

Pistol training specifically designed to teach women gun handling skills, accuracy and defensive mindset to defend themselves and loved ones. It works, for WOMEN!
  • Effective Grip
  • Efficient Concealed Carry Draw and Presentation to Target
  • Learn Fast Sight Acquisition
  • Master Trigger Control
  • Learn To Make Consistently Accurate First Shots.
  • Malfunction Clearance and Reloads
  • Live Fire Day Using Your New Skills
  • Review Concealed Carry Gear (holsters, corsets, bellybands, purses).
  • Training Tools, Dry Fire Drills and Practice Tips
  • Interest-free Payment Plans Available

NOTE For The Classroom:

Please bring a cover garment or shirt that allows room to conceal and safely draw from concealment. Avoid lacey tops or sweaters with open weaves that tend
to catch on firearms and holsters. Comfortable shoes strongly recommended. This is an active class!

Live Fire Training is on a separate day and scheduled in time blocks. You will schedule your day and time during class. 

 What to bring:
  • Pistol, belt, quality Kydex or Leather Holster (mouth of holster MUST stay open when firearm is not present)
  • Minimum 25 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye/Ear protection
  • Cover Garment to work on drawing from concealment
  • Strongly recommend a hat
  • Sunblock, bug spray
  • Closed toed shoes and a shirt that covers upper arms and chest
  • A positive attitude!


Course Fee $200. This price includes Live Fire Training. 

Gear Loaner Option $25 – For those without a firearm, or if you’re not comfortable training with your firearm or do not have eye or ear protection. I will provide a firearm and holster (limited selection), maximum 25 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection. 

If you have any questions about this class please reach out by phone or email using the contact form here.

Currently scheduled Women’s Beyond The Basics classes are listed below. 

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How To Book Your Class
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If you experience any problems with registering please call 843-300-1194 or use the Contact page to send me an email. 

Important: Registering for any of our classes also certifies that you have read and understand our Refund & Cancellation Policy.