Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Payment Plans Information

We are excited to announce that Gray Lady Self Defense training is more affordable than ever with the recent addition of popular Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment options. BNPL has become a very popular and easy purchase financing option.  

Your BNPL payment options will be displayed on your cart checkout page after completing the class registration section.

With BNPL a customer pays for a purchase over time in installments, while merchants get paid in full.  These payment methods offer customers the ability to immediately finance purchases and pay them back in fixed installments over time, usually in 4 interest-free payments. 

BNPL services are displayed as an option alongside credit cards and other payment methods. When customers make a purchase, they select a BNPL provider in the payment form, and are redirected to the provider’s site or app to create an account or log in. Customers choose whether to accept the terms of the repayment plan, typically selecting bi-weekly or monthly installments, and complete the purchase.  BNPL providers have simple-to-understand repayment plans and terms. 

Once you provide your information to a BNPL provider they do an immediate soft credit check. Soft credit checks do not affect your credit score. There are no application fees or additional processing time. It all happens very fast. 

Once the purchase is complete, we receive the full payment minus a 6% fee. Customers then pay their installments directly to the BNPL provider, often with no interest and no additional fees when they pay on time. 

Of course, all transactions are secure and encrypted. Everything is processed on the BNPL provider’s secure servers. 

** Please note that all BNPL financing applications are reviewed, and all borrowing decisions are made, entirely by the selected BNPL provider and not by Gray Lady Self Defense, LLC. Gray Lady Self Defense, LLC has no role in determining to whom financing is offered, or the terms upon which such financing is provided. Any questions or concerns regarding BNPL financing decisions should be directed to the BNPL provider. 

Below are the basic details of the BNPL services you may see during checkout at our payment processing provider Stripe. You may see any one, two or all three services on the checkout page. As shown below the three BNPL services we offer have essentially the same payment options. 

Depending on the transaction amount, Affirm presents buyers with either Pay in 4 or monthly installments, or both.  

Pay in 4 allows customers to pay for purchases in four or fewer interest-free, bi-weekly payments over an 8 week term. There are No Fees when paid on time. 

Monthly Installments allows customers to pay for purchases over a longer term but may include interest charges and may require a hard credit check. 

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Afterpay customers pay in four interest-free installments over six weeks. There are no fees when you pay on time. 

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Like the above BNPL providers a customer pays for a purchase over time in interest-free (usually 4) installments. Depending on your transaction amount, Klarna offers two payment options:

Installments: Pay for the purchase in 3 or 4 interest-free installments. Soft credit check. 

Financing: Spread the cost of a purchase over multiple months. This option usually involves interest and a hard credit check.

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