Conquer Your Fear of Firearms ... And Have Fun Doing It!

Basic Firearms Training

If you are a new gun owner, inexperienced or know that you need some help with your shooting fundamentals this women’s firearms training is for you. I will take you from your “practice plinking” to a solid skill-set foundation that prepares you for self and home defense. I have refined this beginner friendly class after successfully teaching many new women shooters. This handgun training is specifically designed for women because women learn differently than men! Yes, that’s a thing. You can see what many women just like you say about the training they received from me here.

I understand the emotions around shooting for the first time. It’s OK to be exhilarated, or even petrified, taking your first shot. I know how to provide you the confidence and safe environment you need to handle a gun and shoot it safely and accurately. See here for more info about how Gray Lady Self Defense training is designed for women.

To accommodate working women and busy Moms I offer both weeknight and weekend class options. You can attend three 2-hour weeknight sessions or a one-day Saturday class. You will have time for Q&A and hands-on experience with equipment and firearms handling skills. Live Fire Training is usually the following Saturday or Sunday at a private outdoor range. 

Firearms Training For Women


Are you a new gun owner, inexperienced, or just know that you need some help with the fundamentals? If so this class is for YOU!
  • Firearms Safety
  • Range Rules and Etiquette
  • Common Terminology
  • Types of Pistols and How They Work
  • Firearms Handling
  • Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance Basics
  • Range Gear Basics
  • Hands-on Laser Firearm Training

Class Registration Options

NOTE: You have 3 Pricing Options for this class:

1. Classroom, Live Fire Training and Gear Loaner Package – $155

This is by far my most popular training option for those of you new to firearms. The Gear Loaner Option is perfect for those without a firearm or if you’re not comfortable training with your current gun. You’ll have the opportunity to try various calibers and pistols. I also supply ammunition and your eye/ear protection.  Contact me if you have any questions. 

2. Classroom with Live Fire Training – $130 ($30 covers range fees and liability insurance). You bring your own firearm and ammo.

3. Class with NO Live Fire Training – $100

NOTE! Effective May 6, 2023 the above pricing options change to:

1. $180

2. $155

3. $125

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