Basic Firearms Training For Women

Women's Firearms Training

Basic Firearms Training For Women, By Women!

Introduction to Shooting and Firearms for Women

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If you are a new gun owner, inexperienced or know that you need some help with your shooting fundamentals this women’s firearms training is for you. I will take you from your “practice plinking” to a solid skill-set foundation that prepares you for self and home defense. I have refined this beginner friendly class after successfully teaching many new women shooters. This handgun class is specifically designed for women because women learn differently than men! Yes, that’s a thing.

I understand the emotions around shooting for the first time. It’s OK to be exhilarated, or even petrified, taking your first shot. I know how to provide you the confidence and safe environment you need to handle a gun and shoot it safely and accurately. See here for more info about how Gray Lady Self Defense training is designed for women.

What this women’s pistol training covers:

    • Firearms Safety
    • Range Rules and Etiquette
    • Common terminology
    • Types of pistols and how they work
    • Firearms handling
    • Fundamentals of shooting

Proper firearm grip

The classroom portion takes about 3 hours. After a lunch break we go to the range for live fire. The classroom is usually in the Goose Creek area and the outdoor range is in the greater Summerville area. Locations are provided in your registration confirmation.

NOTE – Two options for this class – Bring Your Own Gear, or We Provide Everything

Bring-My-Own-Gear package$75/person:

      • Includes facilities fees and target, but you bring your own firearm, eye and ear protection, and ammunition. You must complete a survey so I know the make/model of firearm you plan to bring. Some firearms and calibers are not allowed for this class; such as antique or rare firearms or high caliber firearms (.45, .357, .44, .50, 10mm). They are just not suitable for new shooters to learn fundamentals with.
      • Your firearm MUST be in good working condition and we verify that at the range before you are allowed to to shoot it. Safety first.
      • Minimum 10 rounds of ammunition, factory new in the original box, “FMJ” ammunition (full metal jacket training ammo) in the correct type and caliber for your firearm. Verify on the box/label that the caliber matches your gun. Training ammo (FMJ/TMJ) is best but hollow-point defensive ammo (more expensive) is acceptable if that’s all you have.
      • Reloaded or hand-loaded ammunition is NEVER allowed. Unless you are certified in reloading, don’t be a cheapskate with something that creates an explosion in your hand and face! The consequences are devastating to both your firearm and the safety of you and others on the range.

NOTE: If you are not comfortable training with your own firearm or do not have one, send us an email at [email protected] or use the contact form on the Contact page. Be assured that we can help.

Multi-Class DiscountSave $20 If you register for BOTH the Intro class AND Chunky Monkey at same time. These TWO classes WILL take you to the next level.


During your class registration you are asked several questions. The info is ALWAYS kept strictly confidential and only the instructor or range safety officer see it. I’s important that we understand YOU as a person and your answers help us tailor our instruction for you. We strive to meet YOUR specific training needs and your input is critical to that.

Please note: Registering for a class certifies that you have read and understand our Refund and Cancellation Policy

Live Fire Range Requirements

Women firearms training


    • Shirts with high neckline/closed collar with sleeves covering at least mid-bicep. Sleeveless shirts and low-cut shirts are NEVER  allowed. HOT ejected brass and cleavage is a MAJOR safety hazard (and it HURTS!).
    • Weather-appropriate attire (Coat, Rain Gear, etc.).
    • CLOSED TOED SHOES! Sandals, flip flops or any open-toed type shoes are not allowed. Strongly recommend tennis shoes or boots of some kind.
    • Hat with brim strongly recommended (protection for head and face from the sun, rain and ejected casings).
    • Sunscreen and bug spray. Our private range is outdoors near a river. This is the Lowcountry, need we say more?
    • Small notepad and pen or pencil to take notes when on the range.
    • If bringing your own semi-automatic firearm and you have hand issues, we suggest you bring a speedloader/magazine loader such as Uplula or Maglula.

Range Info

We have access to a small private range located in the Greater Summerville area. We do NOT publicly disclose the range location and ask you to please do the same. You are given the location and directions in the classroom.

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