One-to-One Firearms Learning Designed For YOU!

Women private firearm training


If our class schedule does not match your availability, or perhaps you’re just not a group-instruction type of person, my one-on-one (or 1:2 with a friend) personalized firearms training sessions designed for you In the Charleston, SC and Summerville areas are for you.

A special message to many women: Your fear or anxiety of guns and shooting is NORMAL! I have been there too! Fortunately in my early years of shooting I had some very professional and patient instructors (hubby among them) and mentors. I learned that a judgement and intimidation-free learning environment is EFFECTIVE. When an element of FUN is added, progress is inevitable.

I have patiently and successfully helped many women past their fears. You’ll even find many testimonials from some of these women here. Please don’t let your fears stop you, take that first easy step and contact me now. I know how you feel and trust me, I know how to help you progress.

When we make contact we’ll get acquainted and discuss your needs, concerns and goals. I will design your personal training to ensure that you get exactly what you need. After your session we will review your progress and discuss the areas that may need more work. I will also (with your permission) take video and review it with you. Being able to see and critique yourself practicing various skills is an extremely powerful training tool.

If you have been told, or just know, that you need more training before taking a CWP class I can definitely help. Please, do not show up at a CWP class having never shot before or unfamiliar with basic firearms safety and fundamentals. I can prepare you for the CWP firearms qualification.

So like I said above if you’re unable to wait for a scheduled class or just need to speed things up contact me, we can make it happen.

Contact me now to get started on your journey to firearms proficiency with your personal private firearms training.

Private firearms training is $60 per hour per person (max 2 people per session). Range time, targets, ammo, and any necessary equipment rental (firearm, hearing/eye protection, etc.) is separate

NOTE – IF you do not have a firearm, or are not comfortable training with your firearm, contact me directly by email or phone for assistance. Be assured, we can help you with such issues.

All private lessons are by appointment only. Please contact me directly via email or phone to discuss your needs.