Gift Certificate Request

I am excited that Gray Lady Self Defense now offers the ability to purchase a Gift Certificate for any of my classes. What better gift can you give a loved one or friend than the gift of empowering them with the confidence and skill to safely and accurately shoot a handgun and protect themselves and family. Please read on to see how to request your gift certificate.

1. Determine which class you want a gift certificate for. Use the Training menu above to closely review what each class offers. Most of my students want the Basic Firearms Training For Women class.  If you are unsure about anything please call 843-300-1194. Me or my husband will gladly discuss their needs and advise which class is best. Do not attempt to select a specific class date. The recipient will do that later. 

NOTE: If you purchase Personalized Private Training the recipient must call me to discuss their needs and schedule their Personalized Training. 

Please note the two pricing options for the classes. Many women choose the Basic class with the Gear Loaner option as it provides everything needed for Live Fire training including Eye and Hearing Protection, a selection of firearms to shoot and ammunition. Classes without the Gear Loaner option means the student brings their own appropriate firearm, ammo and eye/ear protection. 

2. Complete the Request Form below. Use the drop-down box to select your class choice. Please call if any questions. Click “SUBMIT”. 

3. If you want to have the gift certificate sent anonymously check that box and enter the recipient’s name and email. If desired you can add a short message in the box to be included on the certificate. When we send it to the recipient we will also blind copy (BCC) the purchaser.   

4. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with a link to a payment page.  Please check your Spam folder! 

5. When we receive notification that your payment has processed we will email you the Gift Certificate (PDF) suitable for printing. You can also attach that PDF to an email to send to the recipient.  It will include the recipient’s name, the chosen class and a redemption code. That redemption code is a one-time 100% discount coupon code (you’ve already paid for the class) that must be entered when the recipient actually registers on this website for a specific class date. Specific instructions for your recipent to register for her class will be sent. 

6. At anytime in the process if you have a question or problem please don’t hesitate to call 843-300-1194 or use the Contact Form