Shopping and Gear Selection Assistance

Let’s face it, it’s just plain intimidating to walk up to a gun counter when you are unsure what you need, if it’s right for you, let alone know if it’s overpriced. Local gun stores are trying to adapt to the many women entering the market but frankly it really depends on who happens to be behind the counter. We won’t even talk about the ‘attitude’ and the ‘ignoring’ you while you’re stand there waiting to be helped. Been there, done that. Never again and we CAN help you with that.

How about online shopping for gear, holsters or purses? There are SO MANY options out there!  You don’t know what you want or need if you don’t even know the right questions to ask. What’s quality and what’s junk? Again, I’ve been there and can help you make informed choices.

I can help you save what could be hundreds of dollars on the wrong purchase. Many products bought online can’t be returned for a refund, or you may not be refunded as much as what you spent.

Ask anyone (female or male) about their unhappy purchases and they’ll say “I have a drawer full of holsters” or “I have so much trouble with this gun”.
Save time. Save money. Save yourself some aggravation and disappointment. I will gladly help you through this process.

What does shopping assistance include and how do I schedule it?

Send me an email using the form on the Contact Us page with your name, phone and city you live in, and what you need help purchasing. Depending on which type of assistance you need, I will then send you a questionnaire appropriate to the type of purchase to help us narrow down your in-store or online shopping selections. This will ensure that I am prepared to best help you shop and we spend less time trying to understand your needs and more time shopping!

Once we both understand your needs and wants, I’ll schedule an in-person meeting to do your online shopping or meet at your preferred store for in-store shopping.

Please know that I do NOT have a financial arrangement with any gun or accessories stores, whether online or brick and mortar, so rest assured I will not steer you to a purchase based on financial gain.

Shopping assistance is offered by appointment only at the rate of $25 per hour.