Conquer Your Fear of Firearms ... And Have Fun Doing It!

Basic Firearms Training
Firearms Training For Women


Are you a new gun owner, inexperienced, or just know that you need some help with the fundamentals? If so this class is for YOU!
  • Firearms Safety
  • Range Rules and Etiquette
  • Common Terminology
  • Types of Pistols and How They Work
  • Firearms Handling
  • Fundamentals of Shooting
  • NEW! Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance Basics
  • NEW! Range Gear Basics
  • Hands-on Laser Firearm Training

If you are a new gun owner, inexperienced or know that you need some help with your shooting fundamentals this women’s firearms training is for you. I will take you from your “practice plinking” to a solid skill-set foundation that prepares you for self and home defense. I have refined this beginner friendly class after successfully teaching many new women shooters. This handgun training is specifically designed for women because women learn differently than men! Yes, that’s a thing. You can see what many women just like you say about the training they received from me here.

I understand the emotions around shooting for the first time. It’s OK to be exhilarated, or even petrified, taking your first shot. I know how to provide you the confidence and safe environment you need to handle a gun and shoot it safely and accurately. See here for more info about how Gray Lady Self Defense training is designed for women.

To accommodate working women, busy Moms and others I offer both weeknight and weekend class options. You can attend three 2-hour weeknight sessions or a one-day Saturday class. You will have time for Q&A and hands-on experience with equipment and firearms handling skills. Live Fire Training is usually the following Saturday or Sunday at a private outdoor range. 

What this women’s pistol training covers:

  • Firearms Safety
  • Range Rules and Etiquette
  • Common terminology used on the range and at the gun counter
  • Basics of Ammunition
  • Types of pistols and how they work
  • Firearms handling
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • NEW! Firearm cleaning & Maintenance Basics
  • NEW! Range Gear Basics
  • Hands-on Laser Firearm Training
women pistol training

Training Options

NOTE: You have 3 Training Options for this class:

1. Classroom, Live Fire Training and Gear Loaner Package – $155

This is by far my most popular training option if you are new to firearms. The Gear Loaner Option is perfect for those without a firearm or if you’re not comfortable training with your current gun. You’ll have the opportunity to try various calibers and pistols. I also supply ammunition and your eye/ear protection.  Contact me if you have any questions. 

2. Classroom with Live Fire Training – $130 ($30 covers range fees and liability insurance). You bring your own firearm and ammo.

3. Class with NO Live Fire Training – $100

Click Here For Class Schedule & Booking. 

Choose your class options during registration. 

NOTE! Effective May 6, 2023 the above pricing options change to:

1. $180

2. $155

3. $125

Important: Registering for any of our classes also certifies that you have read and understand our Refund & Cancellation Policy.